Adhesives – Latex, Polyurethane, Epoxy, Silicone, and More

SpeedMixers are the industry leader for formulating, mixing and blending adhesives, epoxies, sealants – and much more. You need to be able to achieve perfect mixing and repeat those results quickly, every time. The SpeedMixer can do that for you.

Our Dual Asymmetric Centrifugal technology performs equally excellent in both low and high viscosity applications, as well as homogenous dispersion of materials and fluids. And perhaps the best part for the person doing the actual mixing, is that not only do you get perfect results, you have virtually no cleanup, due to our bladeless mixing technology.

  1. Polyurethanes – As polyurethane can encompass a large range of material qualities and attributes, the SpeedMixer is ideal for being versatile, repeatable, and fast! Industrial, pilot scale manufacturing and laboratory applications such as plastisols, gels and foams are all easily mixed. Use our vacuum SpeedMixer technology to remove moisture during mixing- no need to vacuum bake or strip the moisture prior to reacting/mixing! The SpeedMixer can perform vacuum or vacuumless mixing, depending upon your needs.
  2. Latex – Disperse your polymers and surfactants like never before. Glues, coatings, foams and additives applications are easily mixed with the SpeedMixer. Formulate quicker by properly wetting out your additives and fillers under vacuum. We can handle both low and high viscosity mixing, and in a vacuum if needed.
  3. Epoxies – We have helped people mix countless epoxy and resin constituents, including bisphenols, novolac, aliphatic, and glycidylamines, and resins such as amines, anhydrides, phenols and thiols. Applications served include, adhesives, paints and coatings, electrical, composites, electronics, petro and petrochemical, marine and consumer, aerospace and bio and many more.
  4. Hot Melts – Need to formulate hot adhesives and polymers? We can handle a variety of viscosities and melt flow indexes. We’ve dealt with many EVA,TRP, PO, PA, PUR, SBC and TPU combinations, contact us to see how the SpeedMixer Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge can work for your application.
  5. Silicones – We have your polysiloxanes mastered. SpeedMixers have helped solve many mixing solutions for silicones in adhesives, as well as in sealants, lubricants, bio, electrical and thermal applications. Industries served include manufacturing, personal care products, medical, electronics, coatings, automotive, and many more!

Demonstration Videos

Speedmixer™ – Mixing White Powder

Speedmixer™ – Mixing Copper Powder
Speedmixer™ – Flattening DeAiring
Speedmixer™ – DAC3000
Speedmixer™ – Mixing Gold Powder
Speedmixer™ – Mixing Playdough
Speedmixer™ – Mixing Purple Powder
Speedmixer™ – Mixing White & Red Paste

Before & After

Silicon + Color concentrate

Silicon and color concentrate



MS Polymer + Color Concentrate

MS Polymer and Color Concentrate
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