Aerospace Materials and Applications

SpeedMixers are the industry leader for formulating, mixing and blending materials used in aerospace – and beyond. You need to be able to achieve perfect mixing and repeat those results quickly, every time. The SpeedMixer can do that for you.

Our Dual Asymmetric Centrifugal technology performs equally excellent in both low and high viscosity applications, as well as homogenous dispersion of materials and fluids. And perhaps the best part for the person doing the actual mixing, is that not only do you get perfect results, you have virtually no cleanup, due to our bladeless mixing technology.

  1. Coatings – Do you work with jet engine turbine coatings? We have experience with abradable coatings. Quickly and effectively mix your abradable material with no bubbles and a perfect mixture.
  2. C/C and RCC – Carbon fiber reinforced carbon and Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Carbon? We have experience with C/C and RCC.
  3. Ceramics – Ceramic matrix composites and ceramic fiber reinforced ceramic? We have experience with CMCs and CFRC.
  4. Propellents – We can help you mix ammonium nitrates, ammonium perchlorate, potassium nitrates with aluminium, plasticizers, stabilizers, and/or burn rate modifiers.
  5. Microspheres – Monodisperse glass microspheres? We have experience mixing spacer-grade particles as well as other bondline control beads.
  6. Metamaterials – Metamaterial absorbers – we can mix them. We’ve dealt with solutions for photodetectors, solar and thermovoltaic applications.
  7. Fillers – Aliphatic, aromatic, and thermosetting polyimides – we can mix and disperse fillers and additives into them.
  8. Pre-Ceramics – Polysilazane, Lonsdaleite, allotropes of carbob, poly(hydridocarbyne), and ceramic matrix. We have mixing and formulating your pre-ceramics covered.
  9. Advanced or multi-materials – Radar transparent materials, acoustic attenuating materials, radome materials, dielectrics and buoyancy foams. We help you repeatably formulate and mix all your needed materials.
  10. Resins – Are you mixing Henkel, PPG, 3M, Cytec, Huntsman, BASF, EPO-TEK resins? From epoxy, to urethane to silicone to virtually every other resin / reactive chemistry, we can help you mix quicker, easier, and more repeatably…with no bubbles!
  11. CAB-O-SIL® or AEROSIL® – Adding CAB-O-SIL® or AEROSIL® into your formulation? The SpeedMixer can quickly mix, disperse and deair your formulation.
  12. Optics – Optical bonding- quickly mix and deair optically clear epoxy, silicone, urethanes, etc for a 100% bubble-free result every time!
  13. Filled Syringes – Do you need to use a syringe for your application? Contact us to find out more about our SpeeDisc technology to successfully transfer materials from a mixing cup into the syringe of your choice- with no bubbles or mess!

Demonstration Videos

Speedmixer™ – Mixing White Powder

Speedmixer™ – Mixing Copper Powder
Speedmixer™ – Flattening DeAiring
Speedmixer™ – DAC3000
Speedmixer™ – Mixing Gold Powder
Speedmixer™ – Mixing Playdough
Speedmixer™ – Mixing Purple Powder
Speedmixer™ – Mixing White & Red Paste

Before & After

Silicon + Color concentrate

Silicon and color concentrate



MS Polymer + Color Concentrate

MS Polymer and Color Concentrate
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