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…and many more!

  • The SpeedMixer has become integral part of our pharmacy. Not only has it dramatically reduced compounding and clean up times, it also produces consistent homogeneous compounds. It's like hiring a technician that never takes vacation!

    Doug Stanley Specialty Pharmacy
  • Using the SpeedMixer, I have been able to quickly and easily produce 400 – 500 g batches uniform slurries that contain high surface area graphites, and quickly and effectively disperse high surface area conductive materials such as Ketjenblack and carbon nanotubes by preparing a concentrated paste with the FlackTek. The FlackTek has significantly decreased dissolution time for binders. In particular, polyimides could take me over 24 hours to dissolve in NMP when using an overhead mixer.

    Nicholas Polaris Battery Labs
  • Whenever I have questions, I would call for help. Without a miss, Shane either solve my problem on the spot or come to my rescue very quickly. My proudest achievement is mixing CMC at 13% solid content where with any other types of mixer maximum is 4% solid content.

    Eric Applied Materials
  • Your customer and technical services are superb and second to none! The installation was quick and easy with very clear instruction. Thanks for coming here to train our staff on the use of the machine. Everyone here is so comfortable operating it. So far all our formulations mixing needs are being met because of the versatility of the machine and I will have no hesitation recommending it to professional colleagues.

    Chris Nike
  • The SpeedMixer allows us to experiment with small batches, it’s quick and it’s thorough. Plus Flacktek continues to provide exaggeratedly exceptional technical customer service. It’s great to work with people that care!

    George Z-Axis Connector Company
  • The SpeedMixer has exceeded our expectations.  We’ve been able to convert several product lines from our old mixing technology to the SpeedMixer.  In all cases, the total mix times have been reduced from typically 2 to 3 hours to less than 10 minutes.  We are totally satisfied with the SpeedMixer.

    Scott Dentsply
  • SpeedMixer is great because we can mix high viscosity compositions with no risk of material contamination, quickly, and with minimal cleanup.

    Landy LifeLens
  • With the SpeedMixer, we have been able to produce highly repeatable results and significantly increase productivity. As an early-stage startup, every purchase must be justified and critical to our success. We have certainly made the right choice with the SpeedMixer and really look forward to continuing to work with FlackTek.

    Michael Boston Materials
  • Before the speedmixer we were getting large variation in the two part epoxy we used in our devices. We had air bubbles, sometimes the mixing would be incomplete, and techniques varied between people. The vacuum speed mixer helped us eliminate variation between mixing attempts and helped us avoid adding bubbles during that process. It also greatly reduced the time required to build our devices.

    Emma Magic Leap
  • Our FlackTek Mixers have greatly improved our formulation consistency while reducing sample prep time in small and large volumes. The products, support, and training provided by Flacktek have revolutionized our small laboratory processes allowing us to rapidly create samples with confidence allowing more time for product optimization.

    Scott Iasis Molecular

Our clients love their SpeedMixers.
So will you!