Considering a Planetary Mixer?

Considering a Planetary Mixer?

If you are considering a planetary mixer, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the SpeedMixer – the inventor of Centrifugal Mixing. Contact us to learn why we are the world’s leader in mixing technologies. Over 8 times more powerful than ‘competitive’ equipment, see how our mixer delivers only the highest quality results. Enjoy a lifetime of use with your hand-built German mixer. Freely utilize our American-based customer support located outside of Greenville, South Carolina.

The SpeedMixer is a precise highly repeatable all-in-one blender, mixer, mill for the Compounding Pharmacy industry. From powders, triturations, to dilutions, to hormone creams, and grinding of large particles – the SpeedMixer can do it all. Your business’ success and integrity relies on perfectly prepared/mixed compounds- the SpeedMixer is 100% repeatable and provides perfect mixing time and time again.

  1. Pain creams – blend and mill your active ingredients into any base within seconds.
  2. Dilutions – enables perfect powder dilutions such as T3 and T4— each and every time
  3. Hormone creams – utilize an easy 1 step process to obtain pharmaceutically elegant creams in seconds
  4. Triturations – eliminate the need to mortar and pestle your powders prior to addition
  5. Suppositories and Trokies – 1 step process to quickly liquify and disperse your ingredients ready for molding
  6. Grinding – grind pills and tablets to micron-smooth powders
  7. USP 800 compliance – totally closed cost-effective and disposable containment, handle both hazardous and non-hazardous materials in the same SpeedMixer, refer to FAQ #32 on USPs website.
  8. No Cleanup – the SpeedMixer is bladeless so there are no parts to clean after each compound- the material never touches the mixer and the mixer never touches the material
  9. Zero chance of contamination – because our technology utilizes cost-effective disposable mixing containers, there is no chance of cross contamination
  10. Removes air – the SpeedMixer naturally removes air while mixing, enables your customers to precisely dispense their medication with no bubbles
  11. Quick and easy – eliminates compounding time by allowing users to utilize a simple one-push button operation

Dual Asymmetric Centrifugal Mixing

The mixing procedure of the SpeedMixer™ series is based on the double rotation of the mixing cup (hence the designation “Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge” or DAC). This combination of centrifugal forces acting on different levels enables very rapid mixing of the entire cup. The precision construction of the units gives the opposing forces an equilibrium with near zero vibration and low-noise operation.