Adhesive Mixing and Epoxy Mixing Equipment

Epoxy Mixing and Epoxy Mixing Equipment

We have years of experience helping materials engineers and scientists vacuum mix epoxies and adhesives. Perfect everytime.

  1. Adhesive blending and mixing
  2. Epoxy blending and mixing
  3. Mix solids or disperse particulates into epoxies and adhesives
  4. De-gas, de-air, vacuum mix

From high density to low density to combining different densities or the mixing the same densities. Vaccuum mixing, no problem. Degassing, every time. If you can’t mix, we can. If you can mix it, we can mix it better (quicker, more repeatable, no cleanup, virtually no material loss, bubble free).

Our business model is supported by niche technical expertise, US based superior customer service, and the absolute highest quality, most advanced mixer.

Contact us for your free onsite demonstration or comparison. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Top 12 Benefits of a SpeedMixer:

  1. Highly Reproducible Results – Perfect mixing every time thanks to precision centrifugal mixing in a precision machine.
  2. No Bubbles – Mixing and deaeration achieved simultaneously thanks to DAC (dual asymmetric centrifugal) technology. Deairing and degassing while mixing made easy.
  3. No Cleanup – Mixing is performed in inexpensive and disposable containers.
  4. Quickly Mix Anything – Mix semi-solids, pastes, oils, liquids, powders, creams, in any combination, within a few seconds to a few minutes. High viscosity mixing is no challenge. Mix and grind solids too.
  5. Reduced Exposure to Chemicals – Mixing is performed in a closed container.
  6. Virtually No Material Loss – No blades or bowls to clean. Another reason that centrifugal mixers are superior to bladed mixers.
  7. Easy Operation – Programmable cycles ensure identical mixing batch to batch.
  8. Optional Vacuum SpeedMixing – Removes submicron-level air, moisture, solvents, etc, caught in materials.
  9. Syringe Packaging – Patented mixing directly in a syringe or easily transfer from mixing cup to syringes.
  10. Scalable from <1g to Infinity – SpeedMix from lab scale formulations to state of the art manufacturing (<1g to 5kg), or change to a larger traditional manufacturing mixing technology.
  11. No Need to De-air – Optimized Dual Asymmetrical Centrifuge allows degassing and deairing and mixing to occur simultaneously inside the SpeedMixer.
  12. No Adjustable Counterweight Needed – SpeedMixer technology allows the user to mix without having to adjust the balance of the machine prior to each mix cycle.

The SpeedMixer: Quality mixing and repeatable results, fast!

FlackTek takes mixing from an art to a science. The SpeedMixer is bladeless, which results in bubble-free mixing with no clean up required. Our entire line of mixers offers an outstanding level of performance that is reliable and repeatable. We invite you to learn why thousands of users have turned to the SpeedMixer for their mixing needs. The SpeedMixer is an advanced tool for mixing, grinding/milling and dispersing. This non-invasive mixing technology can be used to process any combination of powders, pastes, putties and liquids from 1g to 5Kg. The SpeedMixer removes air bubbles while homogenizing the sample in seconds and there is absolutely no clean up. We are certain this will benefit your R&D, quality control and specialty productions.

Dual Asymmetric Centrifugal Mixing

The mixing procedure of the SpeedMixer™ series is based on the double rotation of the mixing cup (hence the designation “Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge” or DAC). This combination of centrifugal forces acting on different levels enables very rapid mixing of the entire cup. The precision construction of the units gives the opposing forces an equilibrium with near zero vibration and low-noise operation.

Demonstration Videos

Speedmixer™ – Mixing White Powder

Speedmixer™ – Mixing Copper Powder
Speedmixer™ – Flattening DeAiring
Speedmixer™ – DAC3000
Speedmixer™ – Mixing Gold Powder
Speedmixer™ – Mixing Playdough
Speedmixer™ – Mixing Purple Powder
Speedmixer™ – Mixing White & Red Paste

Before & After

Silicon + Color concentrate

Silicon and color concentrate



MS Polymer + Color Concentrate

MS Polymer and Color Concentrate
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