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Welcome to FlackTek

Home of the SpeedMixer. FlackTek is your one stop resource for SpeedMixers-from machines, to accessories, to mixing knowledge-we are here to help.

The SpeedMixer is the most advanced mixing technology available today, fully capable of mixing a variety of materials—from thick to thin in any combination—quickly and repeatably.

The SpeedMixer™ eliminates air bubbles and mixes in disposable containers. It is used to mix colloids, fluids, powders, pastes, creams, grease, resins, inks, paints and silicones mixtures.

Our lab size, small batch, manufacturing mixers have the capacity to mix in samples in seconds. Sample sizes range from, 1g - 10Kg, and can be mixed in cups and cartridges, including Semco. Absolutely no cleanup required.

Bladeless Mixing

"If you can't mix it, we can. If you can mix it, we can mix it better."

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  • No Bubbles
  • No Blades
  • No Clean-Up
  • No Waiting