Specialty Machines

The specialty machines range of SpeedMixers has a unique lineup of machines created for specific industries or unique material applications. Here you will find machines suited for mixing specialty materials. We also create custom machines for applications that fall outside of the specifications of our off the shelf product offerings. Most, 90%, of applications fit perfectly into our standard machine range (small, medium, large), but be sure to contact us so we can find you the perfect fit.

Technical Specifications:

Model L x W x H
(Max g)
Max Container
Volume (cc)
Power Vacuum Mixing Touch Screen Spec Sheet
36 x 30 x 46 32 300-3500 100 250 5 230V Option Y
30 x 36 x 46 33 300-2500 200 500 10 110V Option Y
64 x 44 x 64 80 800-1950 700 5 110V N Y
60 x 42.5 x 73 100 800-1950 700 10 110V Y