The SpeedMixer™  is a bladeless mixer that allows users to mix materials inside of a closed container.  The various models of SpeedMixers™ can accommodate sample sizes ranging from less than 1 gram up to 20kg. The SpeedMixer allows users to achieve perfect mixing, no bubbles, no cleanup, and quickly! Mix thick, thin, powders, creams, semi-solids and more.

The SpeedMixer uses a Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge (DAC) to rotate an angled cup clockwise, around a main central axis, while counter-rotating the cup upon its own axis. This DAC motion forces materials to flow against itself inside the cup while also removing bubbles.

We believe there is no substitute for quality. The SpeedMixer assembly process is built on cutting edge modern day manufacturing principles – lean, advanced, and industry 4.0 ready. Each SpeedMixer is hand-built and assembled by highly qualified team members. We have an extensive supply chain located throughout the United States, but we also source parts internationally – sparing nothing to utilize the world’s highest quality componentry.

SpeedMixers built and designed by people who know how to use them.