Thinking of a Thinky Planetary Mixer?

Planetery Mixers – Mix like Magic

Are you interested in a Thinky Planetary Mixer?  Then please take the opportunity to meet the original Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge – the SpeedMixer. 

We’ve been continuously improving our planetary mixing technology for over 40 years.  Used and validated by thousands of the world’s top companies, laboratories, government entities and academic institutions.  

Our business model is supported by niche technical expertise, US based superior customer service, and the absolute highest quality, most advanced mixer.

Mix anything with a planetary mixer, from thick to thin materials, from semi-solids to fluids, to powders to paste, to creams, etc.  From high density to low density to combining different densities or the mixing the same densities.  If you can’t mix, we can.  If you can mix it, we can mix it better (quicker, more repeatable, no cleanup, virtually no material loss, bubble free).

Contact us for your free onsite planetery mixing demonstration or comparison.  You’ve got to see it to believe it.


Planetary Mixing Demonstration Videos

Speedmixer™ – Mixing White Powder

Speedmixer™ – Mixing Copper Powder
Speedmixer™ – Flattening DeAiring
Speedmixer™ – DAC3000
Speedmixer™ – Mixing Gold Powder
Speedmixer™ – Mixing Playdough
Speedmixer™ – Mixing Purple Powder
Speedmixer™ – Mixing White & Red Paste

Before & After with a Planetary Mixer

Silicon + Color concentrate

Silicon and color concentrate



MS Polymer + Color Concentrate

MS Polymer and Color Concentrate
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